Prabhu Associates is a multi-disciplinary firm founded in the year 2007 offering services in the field of Stock Market Investment, Architect & Interior Designer, and Startup Website Development.

Stock Market Investment

Prabhudas Lilladher offers a safe, seamless, online share trading platform through PL MobileApp. This share trading application helps in tracking your investments online, Access expert research, Technical analysis & Portfolio Maintenance Services.

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Architect Designer

Aiming to build an empty plot and need to construct a building from scratch, or need to renovate. Our Architect-designer reviews and oversees the construction of a structure that is both functional and structurally sound. Architects focus on more technical aspects like the form of a building, direction, materials, etc.

Architect Responsibilities

Here are some of the responsibilities that fall into the purview of architecture:

  • Review the needs of a project
  • Ensure building codes & regulations
  • Ensure the construction is stick to the plan
  • Visit construction sites regularly
  • Architects design and deliver the project.

A complex architectural drawing explaining the structure of a house

This is how architects work on complex drawings to build fabulous homes

Interior Designer

Once a building structure is ready and needs to decorate the interior, the interior designers bring creativity keeping in mind the needs, lifestyle, preferences, and budget of the client. In addition, focus on details like furniture, wall design, colour scheme, design style, kitchen layouts, flooring, lighting, furnishing, and more to create a living/workspace

Interior Designer Responsibilities

Here are some of the responsibilities of interior designer with client.

  • Gather expectation
  • Understand the needs and lifestyle
  • Prepare design plan after discussions
  • Propose a tentative budget plan
  • Change/modify their designs

Interior designing involves selecting the right materials and colours

A kitchen can wear various looks depending on the taste & preference

Startup Website Development

Prabhu Associates is a premier website design company that helps startup company to build their website. We design sites that make sure that all viewers visiting the website come back when they need your services. We help businesses in:

  • Make a high-impact digital debut
  • Attract investors and customers
  • Develop a strategy for monetization of web and mobile
  • An effective digital marketing campaign to develop a trustworthy brand
startup website development

Startup Website

startup website development

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